MASK-it™ Disposable Eye Patches

Single-use Mask-it™ eye patches are disposable, hygienic and easily applied.


These light, translucent patches never touch the eye itself, which allows patients to keep both eyes open during testing, thus eliminating dark adaptation and corneal surface change.


Simply pull one from the dispenser, fold and place around the patient’s eye. It’s as easy as that!

  • Sterile and hygienic

  • Each box contains 500 eye patches

  • One patch needed per patient as it can be used on both eyes (27p per patient)

  • Replaces reusable eye patches and the need to keep re-sterilising between patients 

  • Eliminates the difficulty of totally sterilising the elastic cord on traditional reusable eye patches

MASK-it™ Disposable Eye Patches


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