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VT-700 Digital Refractometer

The VT-700 Digital Refractor offers a 180° rotating 9.7" TrueColor touch screen and highly accurate measurements.


If you would like to purcase this peice of equipment, please email and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss installation and setup. 


Sphere: -29.00-+26.75 D (step: 0.12D/ 0.25D/ 0.5D/ 1 D/ 2D/ 3D)

Cylinder: 0.00-8.75D (step: 0.25D/ 0.5D/ 1D/ 2D /3D) 
Cylinder axis: 0-180° (step: 1/ 5/ 15/ 30/ 45°) 
PD: Far: 48-80mm, Near: 45-75mm (step: 0.5/ 1.0mm) 
Working distance: 35-70cm (step: 5 cm) 
Prism: 0-20t. (step 0.1 M0.2M0.5t./1 M2t.) 
Jackson cross cylinder: Jackson cross cylinder 0.25D, Jackson cross cylinder 0.50D, 
Dual cross cylinder (separation prism) 
Ophthalmoscope: +1 .5D, +2.0D (measuring distance 67cm, 50cm )


Size and weight 
Main body: 362(W) x 83(D) x 299(H)mm , 3.5kg

Keyboard: 215(W) x 230(D) x 226(H)mm , 1 .5kg 

Junction box: 266(W) x 72(D) x 240(H)mm, 1.3kg 

Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz 
Power: 90VA 


Auxiliary lens 
Pinhole lens: 1mm 
Maddox: Right eye (horizon), left eye (vertical) 
Red and green lens: Right eye(red), left eye (green) 
Polaroid: Right eye (135°, 45°), Left eye (45°, 135°)
Solid suprachiasmatic cylinder: Jackson cross cylinder ±0.50D

Axis fixation: 90° 
Visual degree: 32° 

VT-700 Digital Refractometer

£4,495.00 Regular Price
£1,995.00Sale Price
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