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Manufacturer: Grafton
Product code: PU6303/ PU6303T







Form Fit is truly a one size plug solution. Once inserted into the canaliculus, Form Fit hydrates over a 10 minute period. As it hydrates, Form Fit increases in size until it completely fills the vertical canalicular cavity to form a perfect fit.

How It Works

Form Fit is made of a hydrogel material that expands into a soft, pliable, gelatinous material when it contacts tear film. It takes approximately 10 minutes for the plug to become completely hydrated.

Form Fit securely conforms to the punctal cavity so there is no need for a cap or anchor on the end of the plug. This greatly increases patient comfort and decreases foreign body sensation.

Form Fit does not begin to swell until it makes contact with tear film reducing the potential for product waste. Form Fit is made from a hydrogel material that is safe and biocompatible


Business Sense

Form Fit requires no special storage and reacts consistently every time. Plug inventory is reduced as multiple plug sizes are no longer necessary.

Removing the need for measurement provides quicker exam time.Form Fit expands beyond other intracanalicular plug diameters

Product Features

  • Hydrates over a period of 10 minutes

  • Expands to softly fit the individual’s punctal cavity without overstretching the tissue

  • Eliminates the cap and anchor systemtraditionally seen (silicone plugs)

  • Easily removed via irrigation of the tear duct

  • Biocompatible

  • No foreign body sensation

  • Conveniently pre-loaded on a user-friendly inserter

  • Sizing of punctum is eliminated

The Form Fit is available in packs of 2 or 10.

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