Manufacturer: REXXAM
Product code: SL500-D-LED

The SL500D is part of the new generation of Slit Lamp. Newly designed wide-field optics and high-tech illumination for ease of use, every specification and function have been designed perfectly for daily eye exams.

The SL500D features 12 degree convergence optics for easy image fusion. The newly designed optical alignment affords wider visibility in the eyepiece.

Pro-Pix software can be installed onto your PC for storing and editing of photos and videos of patient examinations. The Pro-Pix Camera is powered by the USB port on your PC, which helps to reduce additional cable clutter.

  • 12 degree convergence optics for easy image fusion and newly designed optical alignment affording wider visibility in the eyepiece

  • Built-in yellow filter which may be conveniently switched in/ out quickly for fluorescein techniques

  • The newly created wide field optics have successfully increased the actual field of view up to 37, 23, 14.6, 9.5 & 5.9mm

  • The new high-point eyepiece feature means that eye exams are performed in a more natural, comfortable position

  • Joystick with camera shutter control button, brightness control knob and locking control knob, routinely used functions all conveniently located in the joystick area for efficient, confident control

  • Improved illumination pathway to increase overall luminance

  • Wider slit width and longer slit height capability are attractive features when combined with the new wide field optics

  • Flexible back ground illumination and a diffuser that can be use easily deployed

  • Forward and back movement is increase up to 100mm allowing retinal exams with diagnostic and therapeutic fundus lenses

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