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Manufacturer: KEELER
Product code: SLK40H-LED

Quality build and great value backed by the Keeler optics heritage


With 3 step and 5 step magnification options, integral yellow barrier filter and Keeler's unique 1mm square aperture for uveitis assessment fitted as standard, the K series blends optical performance with practical features.

This product is available in the below models and can either come fitted to table top or as refraction set without table top

  • Slit Lamp Symphony K 40H, Standard Set (LED)

  • Slit Lamp Symphony Q 40H, Digital ready, (LED)

  • Slit Lamp Symphony Q 40H, 2M, Digital 2MP (LED) – Full digital including video capture


Magnification, 3 step or 5 step

Choose between three or a five step drum change magnification systems. Both use the same top quality optics you would expect from Keeler ensuring only a difference in magnifications, not quality.

  • 3 step system gives you 10x, 16x and 25x

  • 5 step system gives you 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x & 40x


The digital version features a discrete integrated camera and beam splitter and has the key camera controls on the Slit Lamp base to simplify image acquisition.  A fibre optic background illuminator and swing in/out diffuser gives additional image control

  • Feature and function rich Kapture Lite Video software

  • Trigger function on joystick

  • Camera exposure controls on Slit Lamp base

  • LED fibre optic background illumination system

  • USB 2 Camera and beam splitter system

  • USB hub integrated in Slit Lamp base

  • LED illumination

  • Illumination control mounted next to joystick

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