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Manufacturer: GRAFTON
Product code: TCMIRR

All mirrors are available with black, gun metal, brushed silver or polished silver anodised aluminium frames.


Mirrors with adjustable wall bracket incorporate a sturdy, two point, wall fixing, providing both tilt and height adjustment via one handle


A two mirror system for use with a projector is available (one mirror front silvered). The unique tripod base can be easily dis-assembled for flat packing, enabling easy storage/transportation

TCMIRR1 - Single flat wall model

TCMIRR2 - Mirror on adjacent wall bracket

TCMIRR3 - Single floor standing model

PRDM1 - Double mirror on wall bracket

TCMIRR1B - Flat wall mirror Bronze - 36 x 54 cm

TCMIRR1G - Flat wall mirror Gunmetal - 36 x 54 cm

TCMIRR1W - Flat wall mirror White - 36 x 54 cm

TCMIRR1FS - Flat wall mirror Frosted Silver - 36 x 54 cm

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