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Manufacturer: OCULUS
Product code: TF42100

The refraction classic gets a new design

Subjective refraction is even simpler and more comfortable with the OCULUS Universal Trial Frame UB 3+, a real step forward for practitioners and patients alike. Not only is the UB 3+ exceptionally lightweight; all of its operating elements have been ergonomically shaped, and every detail designed with functionality in mind.

  • Functional and modern design

  • Optimised grooving on all operating elements makes them easy to handle and clean

  • Nose rack with anatomically shaped nose pad for optimal pressure distribution

  • Matt surface with laser-etched aluminium scales – highly scratch resistant and readable

  • Optimised mix of materials: exceptionally gentle on skin and very lightweight (just 52 grams)

  • Spring rear lens holder for safety

  • OCULUS quality – all individual components are assembled by hand, and made in Germany

  • The optional Hegener reversible polariser is mounted directly onto the Universal Trial Frame

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