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Manufacturer: CRYSTALVUE

TonoVue-P integrates IOP and central corneal thickness (CCT) measurements in one unit, providing a patient friendly experience with reliable accuracy.

TonoVue-P integrates intraocular presure (IOP) and central corneal thickness (CCT) measurements in one unit. Combining Scheimpflug imaging technology, soft air puffing, and 3D auto tracking, TonoVue-P provides fast, comfortable and accurate CCT, IOP, and compensated IOP measurements.

TonoVue-P is also available with 3D tracking and IOP measurements but without pachymetry. (TonoVue). 

Compensated IOP

Studies show that central corneal thickness (CCT) can effect the accuracy of IOP measurements resulting in thinner corneas contributing to the underestimation of IOP values. TonoVue-P provides precise compensated IOP values by auto measuring CCT values. The compensated IOP formula can also be customised by user.

One touch operation 

With fully automatic 3D tracking, multiple IOP measurements can be captured with a single tap. Simply select ’start’ to begin the examination and automatically print out the results.


TonoVue-P features integrated patient management software, enabling easy and fast access to patient data through the high definition touch screen, USB or RS232.

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Patient friendly

The Automatic Air Puff Control System controls the amount of air required for each individual eye. It provides a softer and quieter air puff, which improves patient comfort. The intelligent 3D tracking enables measurements to be taken quickly and precisely. This shortens the procedure time, which not only simplifies the examination process for doctors and nurses, but also reduces discomfort or stress for patients.

User friendly

The large 10.1” screen and touch panel is easy to control with clear and straightforward instructions, making TonoVue-P simple and easy for anyone to operate. There are also more than ten built-in languages for users to select.




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