AP-50 Auto Perimiter Grafton Optical.jpg
Manufacturer: FREY
Product code: VFAP50

The AP-50 is a lightweight desktop auto perimeter, ideally suited for glaucoma diagnosis and busy mobile clinicians.

The AP-50 uses LED back projection of stimuli in white colour, and offers a wide range of strategies, test fields and test parameters to assure quick and precise measurement.

Control of fixation is performed automatically using the built-in camera or by controlling the position of the blind spot. Built-in data analysis includes regression analysis and standardised presentation and printing of examination results.

The AP-50 Auto Perimeter is compatible with any PC computer running Windows.

Small device size with extensive features

The elliptically shaped measurement bowl significantly reduces the size of the AP-50, yet the diagnostic value of the device is comparable to a full field perimeter. Full central 30 degree of patient vision with extension to 50 degree temporally allows precise test nasal step where early glaucoma often commences early in the disease progression.

Compact and lightweight design

The AP-50 measures 548 x 382 x 450 mm and weighs only 9kg, making it an ideal desktop clinical tool which can be easily transported, set up and installed.

Less need for ambient light conditions

The elliptically shaped measurement bowl requires lower test room illumination conditions. Electronically controlled background illumination ensures stable measurement conditions.

Standard test fields and conditions

Standard test fields including central 30, central 24, and macula are available and all tests allow for easy data comparison with other perimeter systems. Dedicated glaucoma tests are included.

Binocular testing

AP-50 fulfils specific visual field testing requirements for drivers and occupational medicine. Measurement range covers up to 160 degrees temporally, and both eyes can be tested simultaneously.