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Manufacturer: FREY
Product code: VFAP600

Reduce testing time and increase clinical insights with confidence.


The Frey AP-600 Automated Perimeter is a compact fully featured visual field analyser that is simple to set up and use.


Brilliant design combined with intuitive proprietary software offers expanded testing options to optimize your patient management with new TIA™ Standard, fast and superfast tests*.

Introducing TIA™ Superfast

Modern and innovative platform provides clinicians with a full suite of bespoke visual field testing strategies and protocols which improves practice workflow and enhances patient comfort while reducing clinic waiting times.


Patient audio guide

Intuitive and easy to follow automated verbal instructions and commands are available at the preparation stage and during testing. Clinicians can option automated verbal instructions or chose to guide the patient personally.


Easy to setup

World class design, clinician and patient interface. Unparalleled ergonomic clinician interface delivers a faster and easier visual field testing experience than ever before!


Near Vision Test

Refractive blur produces depression of the hill of vision. With embedded Near Vision Test clinicians can automatically verify patient’s refractive correction.

AP600 Reports.jpg

17” HD Capacitive Touch Screen

Versatility and control at the hands of the clinician in selecting patient’s name, editing patient data, commence testing and reviewing examination results with highly responsive 17” touch screen.


Position sensor

Forehead sensors continuously confirms optimal patient positioning. Clinicians are immediately notified of unexpected patient movement allowing the clinician to rapidly respond and reposition patient.


Optimised clinician workflow

Frey has successfully created an unparalleled level of integration between the AP-600 hardware and software, resulting in streamlined, highly optimized user interface to improve clinician workflow. 


Compact design

Slim silhouette saves space. Engineered to perfection. Compact design is the flagship feature of the AP-600 Automated Perimeter.

Technical specifications

Software functionality

  • Intuitive user interface
    The user interface has been designed to support efficient working with minimum time spent switching between options. The AP-50’s simple and intuitive design ensures that minimal training is required for the operator. The software can be operated via the touch screen or with mouse and keyboard, depending on the user’s preferences.
  • Multiple data presentation modes
    To better visualise possible vision field defects, the user can access multiple data presentation modes including: numeric values, pattern grade or grey scale absolute values in dB, as relative to hill of vision, age related changes, defect probability defect curve (Bebie graph) normalised values
  • Data import/ export
    The AP-50’s export/ import software is designed to allow the user transfer examination data between remote locations. Data may be exported in proprietary format or in compatible with EMR systems DICOM format. The import function accepts files stored in .xml and .pdf formats.
  • Defect progress analysis
    The regression analysis function allows the user to track changes in field of vision over time. Multiple examination results of the same patient can be used for the analysis. Regression curves can be presented in absolute dB values, in relation to hill of vision or age normative values or particular global parameters like PD or AD. Analysis of the data can be limited to a particular area of vision field e.g. periphery or centre, or can cover the entire tested field of vision.
  • Quick access menu
    For increased efficiency, the quick access menu reduces the number of parameters required to be entered before the examination may start. The user can predefine test types, so that they only have to select or enter patient data. This function reduces the overall test time and introduces standardisation to test procedures.
  • Pattern calibration
    For patients with large defects in the visual field or fields significantly deviating from the standard, perimetry examinations can be time consuming. To improve the comfort for such patients and significantly reduce testing time; pattern calibration can be used. The results of earlier examinations of the patient’s eye can be used as a reference for the new test. This technique can significantly reduce test time.
  • Result compare function
    Up to four patient examination results can be used for comparison, allowing better visualisation of the defect progress over time.
  • Data safety
    The automatic backup function can be programmed to happen periodically, to be saved in a location defined by the user. This function assures the safety of your patient records.
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