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Manufacturer: INAMI
Product code: VFL1550

This product is currently unavailable

Exclusively available in the UK from Grafton Optical, the L1550 Goldmann Projection Perimeter from Inami is the only device of its kind; offering highly precise, kinetic projection perimetry for ophthalmology departments and clinics.

  • High specification optotype and pantograph projection, superior inner dome screen coating and neutral density filters

  • Accurate measurement of retinal sensitivity with varied brightness and target size settings - 120 target settings are made possible by combining the density filters and 6 target sizes

  • Efficient illumination with a single lamp lighting both the sphere and the target projection

  • Telescope enables the operator to observe the patients viewpoint and fix in the centre

  • Shutter device helps the operator to confirm the patient's concentration on the examination

  • Detachable light meter to check the target illumination​​

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