Scanmate Flex.jpg
Manufacturer: DGH
Product code: DSFL



The new Scanmate Flex provides any desired combination of A-scan, B-scan, and UBM. Its hallmark is flexibility. The design of the Scanmate Flex reflects extensive research with eye care professionals about the needs, constraints, and objectives of their practices. The result is a product that can be easily integrated into virtually any office or clinical setting.

The Scanmate Flex can be placed on a desk, mounted on the wall, or moved around on a cart. The internal rechargeable battery means that the Flex can be used for hours without being plugged into an outlet—perfect if you need an ultrasound unit for use in several examining rooms.

Whatever mounting configuration you choose, the Scanmate Flex plugs right into the USB port of the Windows computers you already have. The software to control the Flex is included and can be loaded onto as many computers as you wish. If you have a local network, you can use one machine as a server and store all the patient records there, or they can be stored locally on the machine that is used for the examination.

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