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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Frey AP-50 Desktop Auto Perimeter. Compact, powerful an

Are you looking to update your current DICON or other visual fields equipment? The Frey AP-50 Desktop Auto Perimeter is extremely compact making it perfect for pre-screen areas that are low on space. The device features a wide selection of visual fields assessments, including the European Driving Test Examination.

Available at £3,995*.

Small device size with extensive features​ - the elliptically shaped measurement bowl significantly reduces the size of the AP-50, yet the diagnostic value is comparable to a full field perimeter Compact and lightweight design​ - weighing only 9kg, the AP-50 is an ideal desktop clinical tool which can be easily transported, set up and installed The elliptical measurement bowl requires lower test room illumination conditions - electronically controlled background illumination ensures stable measurement conditions​ Standard test fields and conditions - including central 30, central 24, and macula; all tests allow for easy data comparison with other perimeter systems and dedicated glaucoma tests are included Fulfils specific visual field testing requirements for drivers and occupational medicine - measurement range covers up to 160 degrees temporally, and both eyes can be tested simultaneously​ *Price excludes VAT and delivery

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