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iTrace Ray Tracing Aberrometer/ Topographer - watch the masterclass.

iTrace™ combines, auto refraction, corneal topography, auto-keratometry, wavefront aberrometry and pupillometry in one system.

By integrating wavefront aberrometry with corneal topography, the iTrace provides a unique analysis that subtracts corneal from total aberrations in order to isolate the internal aberrations of the eye.

iTrace™ was recently featured as key practice resource during the ASCRS 2020 Symposium. Click here to watch the masterclass webinar and learn why respected ophthalmologists globally are using the iTrace to grow their practice and improve patient outcomes.

For more information on iTrace™ or to book a demonstration please click here. You can also email sales@graftonoptical.comor call us on 01923 233980 and we will be happy to help.


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