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NEW! DEA Dry Eye Analyser; comprehensive analysis for complete Dry Eye diagnosis and management

We are excited to launch the DEA Dry Eye Analyser by Moptim at 100% Optical 2023. DEA is an innovative device that quickly performs a comprehensive examination for complete dry eye diagnosis and management.

DEA is one of the smallest dry eye diagnostic devices on the market. The compact design makes it easy to be integrated into a variety of clinical environments. It can be operated in three modalities: stand-alone, slit lamp mounted and handheld. For ophthalmology clinics that already have slit lamps, there is no need to add an extra trolley for DEA. By installing the included slit lamp adaptors, the DEA can be attached to the majority of slit lamps, without affecting their use.

DEA provides complete dry eye diagnostic testing, as recommended by DEWS II (2017). The device offers a quick diagnosis of FBUT/NIBUT, corneal staining, tear meniscus height, meibography, interferometry, bulbar redness and blepharitis. The built-in DEQ-5 questionnaire can be used in combination with objective findings to aid diagnosis, while the Efron International Grading Scale helps to assess the severity of dry eye disease present.

• 8 mp high resolution camera

• Extensive report templates

• Compatible with the majority of slit lamps

• Can be used on desktop or handheld

• Streamlined software workflow

• Custom protocol creation

• Auto focus, auto exposure

• Wireless camera shutter can be fixed to slit lamp joystick


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