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NEW! Free From Fog; the anti-fog lens cloth designed by optical professionals

We are excited to launch Free From Fog. The anti-fog lens cloth designed by optical professionals has launched to very positive reviews and is already being hailed as a huge game changer for glasses wearers.

With no damaging solvents, Free From Fog keeps lenses clear for at least 12 hours. Each cloth gives clear, fog free lenses for up to 200 uses. Free From Fog can be used on all types of optical lenses including cameras, and those with special coatings and treatments. You can find videos of this new product here.

Each box of 25 individual Free From Fog packs is available to buy for £100 here .

  • Ensure glasses are pre cleaned

  • Remove Free From Fog cloth from the sealed packet and rub each lens front and back for a minimum of 60 seconds, ensure you get all the edges.

  • Enjoy fog free vision for at least 12 hours!

  • ​Reseal Free From Fog cloth back into the sealed packet

  • ​The Free From Fog cloth will last anywhere between 6-8 weeks depending on your use

  • ​The cloth is dry to ensure there is no residue left on your glasses

  • Do NOT wash or rinse the Free From Fog cloth, or use other products with the cloth


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