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QuickSee from PlenOptika; the world’s most accurate handheld auto refractor.

QuickSee enables clinically accurate auto refraction, anywhere.

Is your desktop autorefractor holding you back? A bottleneck in your workflow? Inaccessible to your patients in the community? With QuickSee, you can achieve accurate autorefraction anywhere, for almost anyone.

QuickSee's combination of open view binocular design, wavefront aberrometry and dynamic measurements produce clinically accurate autorefraction measurements, in a durable handheld format suitable for use in clinics and in the field. QuickSee is as accurate as the high-end clinical desktop autorefractors and demonstrates excellent agreement with subjective refraction.

> Accessible for patients with mobility issues or physical challenges

> Handheld - patient friendly and easy to use anywhere

> Strong agreement with subjective refraction

> Binocular measurements in 10 seconds

> Field durable

> Calibration free

> Operates in humid and dusty environments

> Can be used indoors and outdoors, in most light settings

> Includes hardened carrying case

> Up to 8 hours continuous use on battery

> Operates while tethered for charging

The open view binocular design reduces device-induced myopia and accommodation. Patients simply look though QuickSee like a pair of binoculars at a target at least 3-6 meters (~10-20 ft.) away, instead of at a virtual image in a traditional closed view system. By using wavefront aberrometry to measure refractive error, QuickSee captures information that is unavailable to traditional autorefractors. This additional information enhances vision care professionals’ assessment of what refractive correction is needed, whether by eye surgery or eyeglass prescriptions.

Dynamic measurements enable QuickSee to provide highly confident measurements. Patients’ eyes are relaxed and allowed to function normally, and they don’t require cycloplegia, for precise measurements of refractive error in the eyes’ natural state.

In addition, QuickSee is durable for field use. It can be used in humid and dusty environments and it requires no calibration. The dark eye cups isolate the patient’s eyes from ambient light, helping to control pupil dilation and allowing both indoor and outdoor use. The rubber grips and eye cups can be cleaned using simple alcohol swabs. QuickSee can be used in both binocular and monocular modes to accommodate for certain eye disease states and/or facial characteristics.

QuickSee is very easy to use and users can begin performing measurements after 30 minutes of training.


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