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WEBINAR: How fast, accurate handheld auto-refraction can help you to capture more customers

We invite you to a webinar on Tuesday 16th May at 18:00 GMT hosted by Eduardo Lage, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of PlenOptika, Inc, who will

present the science and engineering behind new wavefront aberrometry-powered

handheld autorefraction and its clinical impact.

Since its introduction in 2019, QuickSee handheld autorefractor has been used in more than 45 countries to measure over 5 million patients. Register for the webinar here.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why handheld autorefraction is crucial to expanding access to eyecare

  • What technical and clinical requirements handheld autorefractors need to meet to be effective

  • How the QuickSee handheld autorefractor works, and how it has demonstrated accuracy and impact in international clinical studies

  • How to use QuickSee in your practice, in community health, and charity eye care

Join the webinar to learn how fast, accurate handheld autorefraction can help you

to capture more customers and fit them with new vision correction quickly.


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