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WIN a QuickSee Free handheld auto-refractor from PlenOptika at 100% Optical!

We are excited to introduce QuickSee Free and QuickSee Free Pro Keratometry; packing PlenOptika’s cutting edge Wavefront Refraction Engine into these lightweight, beautifully designed, and easy to use handheld devices.

The combination of open-view binocular design, wavefront aberrometry, and dynamic measurements produce clinically accurate autorefraction measurements, in a durable handheld format suitable for use in clinics and in the field.


The patented PlenOptika Wavefront Refraction Engine™ performs continuous data analysis to precisely determine low-order refractive errors, making QuickSee Free as accurate as the high-end clinical desktop autorefractors and demonstrating excellent agreement with subjective refraction.


The QuickSee Free Pro Keratometry provides cutting-edge autorefraction with additional keratometry capability for optometric and ophthalmological practices.


Accurate Results compare strongly with subjective refraction

Lightweight Desktop power in a handheld device

Fast Accurate measurements in 10 seconds

​Easy to use Modern and intuitive design; pupil camera aids alignment; accelerates subjective refraction with a more accurate starting point

Accessible Accessible for patients with mobility issues and/or physical challenges; suitable for bedbound patients; fogging lenses for pediatric examinations

Field durable Calibration free; can be used indoors and outdoors, in most light settings; up to 8 hours continuous use on battery, operates while tethered for charging


Grafton Optical are offering delegates attending 100% Optical a chance to win one of these cutting-edge devices - and attendees have double the chance to win!


Win big - two ways to enter:

1.    Book a demonstration: Secure your spot for an exclusive hands-on demo on Grafton Optical stand M440 during 100% Optical (24th-26th February). Book your session now at - every booking automatically enters you into the draw!

2.    Double your chances - share & win: Share any of Grafton Optical's social media posts promoting the prize draw during 100% Optical and bag yourself a second entry!


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