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Looking to update your pachymeter? Get the DGH Pachmate 2 for just £1,695 + VAT while stocks last!

Pachmate 2 is the UK's gold standard of care for pachymetry, used in opticians and hospitals across the country.

The DGH Pachmate revolutionised the measurement of corneal thickness with a handheld pachymeter that produces accurate, reliable and easy to obtain results. The new Pachmate 2 also features an exclusive memory system that stores multiple patient records for automatic report generation using Bluetooth® wireless technology. It is globally recognised as the world's leading handheld Pachymeter.

  • Obtain and store up to 25 measurements in a fraction of a second

  • Proven measurement algorithm for accuracy and reproducibility

  • Detachable and rotatable probe for customised measurement position

For more information or to place an order please email or call us on 01923 233980.

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