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AP-600 Visual Field Analyser from Frey Medical; the very latest innovation in visual field analysis technology

The AP-600 Visual Fields Analyser offers unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use for eye care professionals. providing comprehensive visual field testing and enhanced precision. The device is equipped with advanced features that ensure reliable and accurate assessment of the visual field, every time. Intuitive proprietary software offers expanded testing options and optimises patient data management.

AP-600’s compact and ergonomic design promotes maximum patient comfort and simple operation. The scalable software is a fully optimised clinical solution suitable for small and medium practices up to larger multi-site clinics and teaching hospitals. The highly optimised user interface improves clinician workflow, easily generating and displaying examination reports on the high-quality 17” HD touch screen; allowing clinicians to interpret and diagnose on the device without the need for printing.

Introducing TIA™ Superfast

This modern and innovative platform provides clinicians with a full suite of bespoke visual field testing strategies and protocols, which improve practice workflow and enhance patient comfort while reducing clinic waiting times.

Advanced eye tracking for shorter exam time

The auto-focus eye-tracking reliably captures images of the patient's eye for each stimulus presentation. These images can be viewed on the screen ensuring that stimuli locations which have been tested with inadequate fixation (automatically flagged in red) can be easily selected and subjected to retesting; to ensure exceptional reliability of examination data.

Patient audio guide

Intuitive and easy-to-follow automated verbal instructions and commands are available allowing clinicians the option to use automated verbal instructions or to guide the patient personally.

Near Vision Test

Refractive blur produces depression of the hill of vision. With the embedded Near Vision Test, clinicians can automatically verify a patient’s refractive correction.

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