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NEW Mocean 3000 SLO OCT; the powerful diagnostic tool for a variety of ocular diseases

We are excited to introduce the Mocean 3000 SLO OCT; configured with state-of-the-art SLO-OCT imaging system and SLO-based eye tracker, Mocean 3000 is a powerful diagnostic tool for a variety of ocular diseases.

The Mocean 3000 SLO OCT uses 36,000 a-scans/s scanning speed to enable high-resolution cross-sectional images with minimised speckle noise. The device simultaneously acquires OCT images and 47-degree fundus images using SLO technology, providing a real-time overview of the retina that allows easy localisation of lesion areas before acquisition.

Mocean 3000 features 3-in-1 scan capability, comprising macula, disc and cornea; using eye tracking for increased scan repeatability. The high speed OCT and SLO camera features enable detailed >12mm scan width and the intuitive software is built to provide specifically what is needed for referrals and treatment decision making. The device provides non-invasive, high speed scanning and multiple patient contact adjustments for maximum patient comfort.

  • High quality OCT image

  • 3mm scan depth for detailed view of vitreous, retina and choroid

  • Real-time 45° SLO retinal imaging

  • SLO-based retinal tracking

  • 16mm angle-to-angle scan

  • Comprehensive analysis of retina, glaucoma and cornea

  • 50 images averaging to intelligently reduce speckle noise

For more information on the Mocean 3000 SLO OCT, please click here.


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